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  • Clear out closets and clutter- sellers can give away or pack up toys, linens, and small kitchen appliances to store offsite.  Buyers are also forgiving of storage boxes neatly tucked away in a garage or basement.
  • Focus most on the most visible areas- the foyer, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, and family room.
  • De-personalize the home by removing photos, momentos, and dated items.
  • Use plants in colorful pots or inexpensive wicker baskets to fill in empty spaces.
  • Look to home catalogs for little details on beautifying the home.  For instance, group books, pictures, and objets d'art appealingly on bookcases.
  • Try angling one or two pieces of furniture slightly and move furniture four inches to six inches from the wall to create more interesting room spaces.
  • Put away large collections- porcelains, plates, and so on.
  • Remove valuables, prescription medicine, collectibles and breakables.
  • Trim trees, prune shrubs, and make sure the lawn is mowed and watered regularly.
  • In summer, turn on the sprinklers for five minutes, 30 minutes before the open house.  It makes the lawn and driveway sparkle.
  • Refrain from cooking anything that leaves a distinct odor, such as fish, garlic or cabbage.
  • Hire a professional service to clean the home, including the carpets and the windows.
  • Set the dining room table with attractive linens, dishes, and stemware.
  • Arrrange fresh or silk flowers throughout the home.
  • Light a fire in the fireplace in fall and winter.
  • A mirror in a pretty frame can make a small room feel more open.
  • Use as much natural light as possible.  Add extra lamps in dark rooms or corners.
  • Make functional repairs- fix dripping faucets, sticking doors, and broken fences.
  • Bring in another pair of eyes- even if it is not a professional stylist.  The person may see problems you have missed.